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ec500 i/o expander (prebuilt device)


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This is a fully built ec500 i/o expander. NOTE: You MUST have an ec500 error.core for this to work!

The ec500 i/o expander adds a number of new features to the error.core; it also depends on the error.core for power, so you will not be able to use it by itself. Among the features of the i/o expander are:

  • Two line-level inputs with adjustable gain and DC offset
  • An on-board microphone with adjustable gain and DC offset
  • A lighted pushbutton switch
  • An infrared receiver
  • Two triangle-core LFOs with switchable range
  • Three passive attenuators
  • A comparator that is configured to condition triggers from other inputs, but which also has Other Uses
  • A bunch of control voltage sources, some of which round-robin with suitable trigger input
  • A triggerable round-robin for the main R, G, & B busses from the error.core
  • Three AND logic gates