508: Loop Detected

Breadboard Buddy Built


Takes Eurorack power (+12/-12) and distributes it to breadboard rails. One rail can be jumpered for either +5v or ground.

There are also three 3.5mm jacks whose tip connectors are made available on three breadboard rows.

This item is fully built Breadboard Buddy. Note that it’s just the module, not the breadboard itself. You can get those anywhere.

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Seems like everyone has to design one of these sooner or later.


The jumper-able 5v/ground on one side is borrowed directly from Transient Modules.

My biggest peeve with Eurorack breadboarding is jacks — with pots, the Song Huei tall trimmers are easy to come by, cheap, and their legs fit breadboard holes pretty well. But jacks are a pain, so I went ahead & put three on here. The cutout on the board is to give you access to the rows where the jacks’ tip contacts come out. Sleeve & switch are both tied to ground for simplicity’s sake.