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ec500 VGA adapter (prebuilt device)


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This VGA adapter is how you interface your VGA signal provider with the ec500 system. By default, we use the same little red $5 VGA tester that Jonas used in the original CHA/V, but you can theoretically use anything else that outputs a VGA signal, up to & including your laptop, which I do not recommend, for the sole reason that I do not make any promises about this not damaging your laptop. It shouldn’t, but I don’t want to be responsible if it does.

In essence, your VGA source plugs in to the right-hand side (w/the male pins), and your VGA display device plugs in to the left-hand side, and your ec500 error.core connects via the 16-pin ribbon cable in the center. That’s all there is to it. This adapter routes the necessary signals – R, G, B, hsync, vsync, ground – to the ec500, and then brings back whatever mangled RGB you generate with the ec500, sending it along to your display device.

Please note that this will do literally NOTHING without the ec500 error.core.