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ec500 complete system


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This is a complete ec500 system, consisting of the following:

The ec500 is an expandable analog video synth system based on the ideas laid out by Jonas Bers in his CHA/V project.

The error.core is the hub of the ec500 system – it takes 12V DC power, regulates it down to 5VDC, and provides an expansion bus that delivers power and hsync/vsync to expansion modules. It also has the connector where various interfaces – currently just VGA, others TBD – attach.

It has 9 oscillators, all of them square-wave. 6 are simple, not voltage-controllable, and provided by a single 40106 IC. 2 of them are provided by a 556 timer IC, and are voltage controllable with variable pulse-width. 1 is provided by the VCO in a 4046 PLL chip, which also provides a phase-comparison circuit. All of the oscillators are syncable, and 8 have switchable capacitors for speed control.

Beyond that, there are three mix busses (R, G, B), as well as switches to control whether RGB signals are passed thru from whatever external source is connected.

The ec500 i/o expander adds a number of new features to the error.core. Among the features of the i/o expander are:

  • Two line-level inputs with adjustable gain and DC offset
  • An on-board microphone with adjustable gain and DC offset
  • A lighted pushbutton switch
  • An infrared receiver
  • Two triangle-core LFOs with switchable range
  • Three passive attenuators
  • A comparator that is configured to condition triggers from other inputs, but which also has Other Uses
  • A bunch of control voltage sources, some of which round-robin with suitable trigger input
  • A triggerable round-robin for the main R, G, & B busses from the error.core
  • Three AND logic gates