508: Loop Detected

Breadboard Buddy Kit


Takes Eurorack power (+12/-12) and distributes it to breadboard rails. One rail can be jumpered for either +5v or ground.

There are also three 3.5mm jacks whose tip connectors are made available on three breadboard rows.

This item is a kit with all of the components needed to assemble one Breadboard Buddy. Note that some of the components are surface-mount (3 resistors, 2 capacitors, and a voltage regulator). It’s not difficult work & this would be a good “first surface mount” project.

Note that it’s just the module kit, not the breadboard itself. You can get those anywhere.

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Seems like everyone has to design one of these sooner or later.

The jumper-able 5v/ground on one side is borrowed directly from Transient Modules.

My biggest peeve with Eurorack breadboarding is jacks — with pots, the Song Huei tall trimmers are easy to come by, cheap, and their legs fit breadboard holes pretty well. But jacks are a pain, so I went ahead & put three on here. The cutout on the board is to give you access to the rows where the jacks’ tip contacts come out. Sleeve & switch are both tied to ground for simplicity’s sake.