508: Loop Detected

Bounce Trigger Expander PCB+Panel – Pushbutton version


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An 8-step / 6 channel trigger sequencer with a pushbutton/toggle switch interface. Trigger width is controllable by the knobs, from a narrow trigger to a gate that can be . . . pretty wide. (a half-second? a second?)

The Trigger Sequencer WILL NOT DO ANYTHING without its sibling the Bounce Sequencer: https://508.loopdetected.net/product/bounce-sequencer-pcbpanel-pushbutton-version/

All of the actual logic is in the Bounce Sequencer, which connects via expansion bus on the back. THIS WILL NOT DO ANYTHING BY ITSELF

All information — schematics, BOM, etc — is on github: https://github.com/508-loop-detected/trigger-sequencer

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